TCC-EZ® Product Information

Helping More People Heal Faster with TCC-EZ®

Total Contact Casting (TCC) is a safe and effective way to off-load your Diabetic Foot Ulcer. There are multiple studies that demonstrate the benefit of using Total Contact Casting (TCC), over other off-loading devices, to help heal your Diabetic Foot Ulcer faster.


90 percent healing rate with TCC
Total Contact Casting (TCC) has been shown to heal 90% of Diabetic Foot Ulcers in 6 weeks and can be used on:

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers Located on the front, mid-foot or heel

  • Post-Operative Care Including but not limited to Charcot reconstruction

  • Delayed primary closure

Total Contact Casting (TCC) is indicated for non-infected wounds with adequate blood supply.

What is TCC-EZ®?

TCC-EZ® is a revolutionary casting system that makes applying and wearing a “TCC” well… EZ!
Unlike traditional total contact casts, TCC-EZ® is a woven, one-piece, roll-on cast that is light weight and can be applied in 10 minutes17. Because it is an easier application process, TCC-EZ® can help to reduce the risk of complications and infection15,17. And, it’s lightweight woven design offers a more comfortable customized fit that allows for air to flow through the cast!


Applying TCC-EZ®

Quick 1,2,3 Prep/Roll/Apply Process:
Easy roll-on, one layer, lightweight structure

1. Prep (Patient Preparation)

TCC-EZ Preparation

2. Roll (Casting)


3. Apply (Outer Boot)

Apply TCC-EZ

Literature for TCC-EZ®

Total Contact Casting (TCC) can seem like a big, unnecessary hurdle for a patient. This patient guide helps to explain what TCC is and how it can help them avoid an amputation.
Download PDF in English
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TCC Patient Brochure
Instructions for a patient who is being treated with TCC-EZ®, includes emergency removal instructions.
Download PDF in English
Descargar PDF en español
TCC Instruction Guide