Total Contact Casting (TCC)

Total Contact Casting (TCC): The Gold Standard of Care

Research has shown that the “total contact cast” is a casting technique that is used to heal diabetic foot ulcers shows healing rates of about 90% in 6 weeks(1-7). The total contact cast closely conforms to the exact shape of the foot – creating a chamber just right for healing. It works by redistributing weight off of your foot ulcer so it can heal.

What does it mean to be the Gold Standard?

It means that most experts agree that Total Contact Casting (TCC) is the best method to achieve proper off-loading. This is based on a large amount of evidence that demonstrates that Total Contact Casting (TCC) helps heal diabetic foot ulcers.

What is a Healing Chamber™ and how does a Total Contact Casting (TCC) Healing Chamber™ work?

The Total Contact Casting (TCC) healing chamber works through two mechanisms:

A. histological (the structure of your skin)

B. mechanical

TCC 3 Mechanics
By conforming to your natural leg size and shape, Total Contact Casting (TCC) mechanically helps to do 3 things:

  • reduce shearing forces which happen with your normal stride;

  • remove a propulsive phase of gait and keep your ankle at a 90 degree angle; and

  • decrease pressure in the forefoot by 69% and decreases heel pressure by 45%8

Remember Off-loading is Key for Healing
Effective off-loading with Total Contact Casting (TCC) Healing Chamber™ is an essential part of your overall treatment program and will help your diabetic foot ulcer heal.

Ask your doctor about using a TCC Healing Chamber™.

Total Contact Casting (TCC) is a safe and effective way to off-load your Diabetic Foot Ulcer. There are multiple studies that demonstrate the benefit…more

Be Successful and Heal!

  • Keep your blood sugar levels at the target recommended by your physician

  • Keep the foot ulcer clean and bandaged and follow the advice provided on wound care