Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment and Healing

It’s time to heal your diabetic foot ulcer

TCC Healing ChamberHealing a diabetic foot ulcer can be challenging but you can do it! You have the support of your family, friends and physician. Everyone wants you to be healthy!

Treatment and healing takes just a few steps in the right direction!

Lifestyle changes can take some getting used to and can take some time to show results. Ask questions, be patient and be persistent. It all starts with just a few steps in the right direction towards healing!

A treatment plan

Diabetic foot ulcers may require multidisciplinary assessments, usually by diabetes specialists, podiatrists and surgeons. Treatment can consist of antibiotics, debridement, arterial revascularization, appropriate bandages, and proper off-loading. For your diabetic foot ulcer to heal it is important to follow the guidance of your physician and a treatment plan.

Essential to your treatment plans are the 3 VIP’s to diabetic foot ulcer healing1:

  • Vascular Management – making sure you have adequate blood flow

  • Infection Management and Prevention – keeping your wound clean and free of bacteria so it can heal

  • Pressure relief– removing constant pressure on your Diabetic Foot Ulcer will help it heal

Additionally, make sure you:

  • Keep your blood sugar levels under tight control. This will help you heal faster.

  • Keep your foot ulcer clean and bandaged.

  • Try to take fewer steps around the house.

  • Do not walk barefoot unless your doctor tells you it is OK.

  • Make sure you follow your doctors instructions to reduce the pressure to your wound (proper off-loading).

  • Your doctor or nurse may use different kinds of dressings to treat your ulcer.

All these components work together to help your diabetic foot ulcer heal!

What is off-loading? Why is it important?

Off-loading means reducing pressure or weight bearing on the foot. Reducing pressure by off-loading weight has shown to be very effective in helping diabetic foot ulcers heal and heal more quickly.

There are different types of off-loading devices

Various methods can be used for off-loading however, different types of off-loading devices may not be what’s best for your diabetic foot ulcer. Leading podiatric physicians created a consensus guideline for off-loading.